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the mirror ball trophy awaits.


2023 dancers

Ally Bowen and Walter Graham

Tony Allen and Grace Surette

Dr. Beryl Bachus-Keith and Darell Daney

Dr. Ryan Altman and Anna Bench

Dru Guy and Ernesto Zapata

Emmie Thompson and Conrad Haas

George Rogers and Brianna Taylor

Greyson Lake and David Killinger

Judson Holliday and Theresa Griffith

Laney Hudson and Chris Aldeguer 

Lex Moore and Dabria Aguilar

Liberty Catanzer and Richard Cicchetti 

Naida Rutherford and Garrett Humphries

Porter Davis and James Olden

Shannon Coker and Sara Coker

Spencer Wetmore and Artur Malakyan

Tajh Boyd and Madi Capps

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